Tacoma is Not Portland North with Erik Hanberg – Episode 002

hosted by
marguerite martin


a sketch of metro parks commissioner erik hanberg

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Show Notes

Tacoma is the kind of place where people are constantly asking, "What kind of city are we becoming?" Today with local Tacoma author, Metro Parks Commissioner, and business owner Erik Hanberg we're talking about who we are as a city and what our unique strengths are as a city.

"You can really make a splash or make a difference much faster than you can in Seattle," says Erik. "People come here and whatever they wanted to do they can probably do here and get an audience much faster. Tacoma is big enough to make a difference but small enough to matter."

Show Notes:

Links to Erik's books on Amazon

Erik's Article for Exit 133 in 2006- Tacoma to Portland: Let us in!

RR Anderson's Tacomic - Editorial Cartoons

Thrice All American - Song about Tacoma by Neko Case

Tacoma's Sister Cities

Chinese Reconciliation Park

Point Defiance Pagoda

Point Defiance Park -This 760-acre park is a popular destination for more than 3.1 million people each year.

Spaceworks Tacoma  - Vacancy to Vitality

Tinkertopia - A destination for people in search of unusual materials for any creative venture.

Mod Curio