Open a Great Bar with Top of Tacoma’s JaimeKay Jones

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marguerite martin


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Show Notes

Jaime jones top of tacomaTop of Tacoma bar owner JaimeKay Jones is a Tacoma legend. From opening one of Tacoma's best bars in a business district that was hardly a destination at the time to opening one of Tacoma's most popular restaurants, Marrow. JaimeKay Jones moved to Tacoma after an extended period of travel in 2001 and ended up working at a number of iconic Tacoma bars including JazzBones, The Offbeat, and Magoos. Jaime lived in a variety of neighborhoods blowing glass during the day and tending bar at night. After years of bartending she opened the Top of Tacoma Bar on Tacoma's east side in 2007.  While it's been open for less than a decade Top of Tacoma is one of Tacoma's most beloved and iconic bars. A few years later she opened Marrow in Tacoma's 6th Ave Neighborhood to great acclaim. Recently she sold Marrow to the team from Hilltop Kitchen. Join us to hear Jaime's advice for launching a successful bar or restaurant in Tacoma. Spoiler Alert: Sign a good lease and be ready work REALLY HARD. And hire great people. "Part of my magic has always been my staff. I've got a really special crew," says Jaime. "We have a mutual respect. I try to honor them all as individuals and we all have our own personalities, that's for sure. Treat your staff well."