Oasis Youth Center

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marguerite martin


About This Episode

Oasis is a youth center that has served our community for 32 years. Oasis is the only organization in Tacoma dedicated to queer and questioning youths who are looking to connect and grow. They want youths to be seen as leaders in the community. Our guests are Ricky and Matthew. Ricky is originally from Hawaii and lived in Seattle for 9 years before moving to Tacoma in 2015. He holds the position at Oasis as the Youth Advocate for Health and Well Being focusing mainly on HPV prevention and making healthy life choices. Matthew grew up in the area starting in Lakewood then to Downtown Puyallup where he currently lives. His is the Program Manager at Oasis assisting youth advocates and providing support to the youth when they are going through a difficult time. He also helps educate the community to support queer youths.

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Show Notes

Ricky and Matthew from Oasis Youth Center share the story of Oasis, the only organization in Tacoma dedicated to queer and questioning youths to learn connect and grow. For the past thirty-two years, they have worked to help youths be seen as leaders in the community.