Nate Bowling Crossover Episode: How Homeowners in Rising Housing Markets Can Fight Displacement

hosted by
marguerite martin


About This Episode

This interview aired on Nate Bowling's Nerd Farmer Podcast. In this interview Nate interviews Tacoma real estate agent and host Marguerite about Tacoma's housing crisis, and what we can do to fight displacement.

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Show Notes

CROSSOVER EPISODE. Description From Nate Bowling of Nerd Farmer Podcast: Although I have been talking about housing issues, literally for years, I am really just now getting my head around the extent to which existing homeowners and their advocacy are the cause and cure of what ails us. In a rising housing market, increases in supply threaten the equity of existing homeowners. Because capitalism is stupid, for too many families home equity is their main source of familial wealth. Consequently homeowners are often the most vociferous opponents of creating new housing, particularly low-income housing, in their communities. Weird, huh? Into this conversation walks erstwhile realtor Marguerite Martin, creator of Move to Tacoma. Marguerite has taken a step away from from selling homes. She now works as a matchmaker, helping first-time homebuyers and folks moving to the region find agents. If you are a homeowner, like me, who has built a bunch of equity post-crash, this is an episode for you, with a call-to-action. This conversation is a continuation of recent episodes with Jasmyn Jefferson (#107), from Windermere about advice for millennial homebuyers and our conversation with Rebecca Parson (#113), spokesperson for Tacoma Housing Now.