Mass Transit Now! With Evan Smith and Kristina Walker

hosted by
marguerite martin


About This Episode

Evan Smith from Mass Transit Now! and Kristina Walk from Downtown: On the Go! talk about what ST3 and the Regional Proposition 1 are and why you should vote in support of it. They also give tips on how you can get involved and start a conversation with someone about why voting yes on Regional Proposition 1 is important for Tacoma and our region.

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Show Notes

Evan Smith (with Mass Transit Now!) and Kristina Walker (with Downtown on the Go!) are transit boosters, helping to spread the word about Sound Transit 3 (ST3) and its benefits. They stopped by the Move to Tacoma podcast to tell us about ST3, how it's paid for, and what it will do for our community.

What can ST3 actually accomplish for Tacoma and the Puget Sound?

  • Linking Tacoma to the airport, Seattle, and Everett via light rail.
  • Increasing capacity on commuter trains and improving stations to accommodate longer trains.
  • Increasing bus rapid transit along Pacific Ave and elsewhere in Pierce County.
  • Saving 793,000 metric tons of greenhouses annually that would otherwise have been emitted (by 2040).
  • Plus much more around Seattle, Everett, and the East Side.
Remember to vote! Regional Proposition 1 is the last item on your ballot!