Last week, Move to Tacoma hosted “Adult Civics Happy Hour with Nate Bowling and Erik Hanberg” at Black Kettle Bites & Brew in Downtown Tacoma. This event was all about re-learning (and maybe learning for the first time!) everything we learned in civics. How does local government work? How can you influence and make change in local government?

We were blown away by the interest—thank you to everyone who joined us and expressed interest in attending another event. The next Adult Civics Happy Hour will be May 25th, but we are still figuring out location and topics. If you’d like to be surveyed about what the next event should be like and be notified when tickets are available sign up here.

Check out a quick recap of the event here:

We also had the event on Facebook LIVE—you can watch and learn from experts Nate Bowling and Erik Hanberg here:

Also, thanks to KNKX for featuring the event in a segment! You can listen to the clip and read the accompanying article “Unpacking Government: What Does Civics Education Look Like In Washington?” here. 

Here are a few tweets from the event:


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You can also see our Facebook photo album from the event here!


The next Adult Civics Happy Hour will be Thursday, May 25th!

If you’d like to be notified as soon as tickets are available please share your email and you will be the first to know. We will also be sending out a survey about content and venue and we would love to know your thoughts.