Things are changing fast in Tacoma and across Pierce County during the Coronavirus pandemic. This page is where we are gathering all of our resources for Covid-19 related updates, support, and information for Tacoma. From podcast interviews and blog posts on the to useful podcasts and articles by Tacomans we have gathered the most valuable community and neighborhood information right here.

Click here to listen to podcasts about what is happening in Tacoma during Covid-19:

What can Tacomans do to support very small businesses in Tacoma during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We talk to Small nonprofits in Tacoma that are facing huge challenges as Tacomans grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic.

How do you create an emergency budget in the face of so much uncertainty?

Depression and anxiety were already high among senior citizens in our community before the Covid-19 Pandemic reached Tacoma. What can we do to help?











Resources for Renters in Tacoma during Covid-19:

Finding a rental in Tacoma during Covid-19 takes more leg work but it is possible. Housing is essential. Click here for a list of buildings and property management sites.

Podcast discussing the Governor’s extended eviction moratorium and what it means for Tacoma renters and landlords: No evictions or threats of eviction, no late fees or threats to terminate tenancy, no rent increases, and a curious provision about collection actions for past due rent.


Things are changing quickly across Tacoma and Pierce County as neighbors, business owners, and government leaders work to keep Tacoma healthy and running during this pandemic. We hope this Covid-19 Update page on how Tacoma and Pierce County are managing during the coronavirus pandemic is helpful to you. We will continue to update this page with more blog posts and content as they become available.

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