Tacoma Cabana is one of those magical restaurants that you stumble upon and think, “Wow! Who thought this up!?” Step into Tacoma Cabana and you’ll  feel the stress of life slowly start to slip away.Owners Jason Alexander and Robyn Murphy have put their heart and souls into making Tacoma Cabana a special experience. The restaurant has great ambiance, with tiki themed decor everywhere, grass umbrellas, island music playing, and Gilligan’s Island playing round the clock on the one TV at the bar.

Bartenders wear quirky fezzes (like the one with a giant Cthulhu monster on it) and create some of the BEST craft cocktails in Tacoma. If you’ve never had a craft tiki cocktail, your life is a shell of what it could be. Not too sweet (and super strong!) Jason Alexander has created a menu of some of the most delicious and unusual drinks you’ll find anywhere in the region.

We strongly recommend:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.37.46 PMThe Zombie

Tacoma Cabana puts a limit of two per person on these drinks, and with good reason!

Vick’s Mai Tai

Tacoma Cabana’s most addictive drink, you’ll find yourself longing to cut out of work early and enjoy its limey delights.

Trinidad Dark Swizzle

Trinidad Dark Swizzle time with Overproof rum, lime, sugar, tiki secrets and a float of tropical bitters.

In addition to the amazing drinks, there are lots of unique food items you won’t find anywhere else. They call their menu “vacation fusion” and we can see why! Loco Moco, PuPu Platters, and the Kona Burger are just a few of delicious entrees Tacoma Cabana has on offer. Click here to check out their menu!

Tacoma Cabana – 728 Pacific Ave. Tacoma, WA 98402 Phone: 253-222-4184  Email: TacomaCabana@gmail.com

TIP: Sit at the bar to get the drink recommendations directly from the bartenders!