Charming storefronts and streets lined with quaint older homes give historic Proctor a small-town feel.

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Why the Proctor District is great:

Walkable streets, locally owned businesses and charming storefronts give historic Proctor the small-town feel that residents so cherish. Its surrounding neighborhoods are lined with quaint, older homes and tree-lined streets. The nearby University of Puget Sound is a small liberal arts college that serves as a hub of events, shows and opportunities for community involvement.

What to do in this neighborhood:

Exploring historic Proctor is a great way to spend a day, especially in the spring and summer months when the bustling Proctor Farmers Market is up and filled with local produce, plants and other treats. Many residents enjoy gardening, and the Proctor area is home to a few community gardens. On a rainy day, catch a movie at Blue Mouse Theatre and play a few games at Chalet Bowl!

Market Stats

2016 Median Sales Price YTD 2015 Median Sales Price 2014 Median Sales Price 2016 Average CDOM 2016 LLP% of Sales Price
$350,000 $336,000 $310,000 31 100.49



Victorians and Craftsmans

Good Eats in the Neighborhood:

For dinner, enjoy a tantalizing meal at Pomodoro, Europa Bistro, Rosewood Cafe, La Fondita Mexican Restaurant, or stop in for a coffee break at Cafe Brosseau or Madrona Coffee. A favorite spot for grocery shopping is the bustling Metropolitan Market, and we dare you to try to resist The Cookie.